Pop Up Camper – Remodel

I have always loved the outdoors and camping and up until now, I’ve always slept in a tent.  During the summer time, tent camping can be miserable with no air conditioning and it has always been a dream of mine to move up from a tent to a camper.

So we began shopping for campers and  I was in sticker shock when I saw the cost of new campers.  I start thinking to myself maybe “tent camping isn’t so bad after all”.  However, we were lucky enough  to find a used camper in fairly decent shape.  All I needed to do was clean it up and make it ours.

So let us start with how dirty the camper was.  We found the camper sitting outside in the weather, with a lot of mildew covering it.  Upon the inspection of the interior, however, everything seemed pretty clean.  There were no leaks and all the equipment appeared to be operational.  I was not overly thrilled with the curtains the previous owner had chosen and the seat cushions had been haphazardly covered with a sheet and a million staples.  So I set out to make a few minor changes that wouldn’t cost a fortune.  After all, I’m all about saving money.

We pulled the camper home and began the cleaning process.  The exterior took some scrubbing.  We used a spray of a cleaner by the name of “Awesome” which was purchased from the Dollar General store for $1 a bottle and the stuff is really awesome.  Took the mold and mildew right off.

For the interior, I removed the existing curtains and seat coverings, which had been made of cheap material and replaced with some curtains from WalMart (the total cost was cheaper than buying material).

See the before and after photos…


I found a couple pillows from a local Thrift Store (Goodwill to be exact) which I paid $3 each for and they were my inspiration on the color scheme I wanted to use.  I also was able to pick up a bedspread and sheets, along with a couple plate holders.  I love when I can get a good bargain.


The camper is now ready to go on an adventure.  Making reservations now.



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