Lights – Camera – Adventure

Reservations are in place for our first adventure in the Pop-Up.  I’m seriously considering giving the thing a name, so I can call it something other than “the pop-up”.  Any suggestions on a name are currently being considered?  Remember now this “thing” aka “pop-up” is for a couple old crazy campers that have always camped in a tent and after 50 years of laying on the ground, we have moved up to a used pop-up.  As you can imagine (or maybe not) we are feeling like a couple million dollar high rollers here with this “thing”.

We will be heading out on a Friday morning and only traveling about 15 miles from home….I know, sad, but true.  Old Federal Campground on Lake Lanier was the lucky “first campground” to host our newest adventure.  Camping through the Labor Day weekend.  The camper has been cleaned and is all packed up and ready to be pulled and set up.

I have one concern that I want to share with you.  Randy comes to me the other night and says “I have an idea”.  He advises me that he has some lighting that he can use for the camper.  So I say to him “sounds great”.  He states that they are LED rope lights and he seems really excited about it.  I know I have a string of “camper lights” that I bought a couple years ago, hoping that one day I would have a camper to hang them on….so I pull those out as well.

Randy went to work on “his” lights and he works very hard getting them all strung up so he can show me his work.  We waited until it was getting dark outside to light them up.  I’m not going to lie to you….when he plugged them up….I swear it was like the Clark Griswold from National Lampoon’s Christmas when he turned them on.  Lit up the entire driveway.  I’m thinking oh my goodness, so much for the soft glow of lights from my little string of camper lights.

Anyway…I’m still excited about our trip and I know Randy and I will have a wonderful time.  I promise to post pictures when we are all shining bright on our campsite.





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